Classes for Visual FoxPro 9

TBZ - Easy toolbar buttons

A class that provides toolbar controls to use directly in a form, no need to deal with VFP toolbars.

TDI - Tabbed document Interface Class

TDI is an easy to use class that provides tabbed navigation between forms in a FoxPro application.


An animation control visual class.

ctl32_ballontip - a balloon tip control visual class.

ctl32_contextmenu - a context menu class, also a ready to use edit context menu.

ctl32_datepicker - a date picker class

ctl32_folderbrowserdialog - a getdir() replacement class.

ctl32_formstate - saves form position and size, restores form position and size.

ctl32_gripper - a sizing grip control visual class.

ctl32_monthcalendar - a month calendar visual class.

ctl32_openfiledialog - a getfile() replacement class

ctl32_progressbar - a progress bar control visual class.

ctl32_registry - save and retrieve data to the registry easily.

ctl32_savefiledialog - a putfile() replacement class.

ctl32_scontainer - a scrollable container visual class.

ctl32_sizebox - an alternative sizing grip visual class, uses the native Windows sizing grip control.

ctl32_scrollbar - a scrollbar control visual class.

ctl32_statusbar - a status bar visual class.

ctl32_trackbar - a track bar visual class.

ctl32_updown - an up-down control visual class.

ctl32_ftp - yet another wininet wrapper for ftp.

ctl32_rawprint - a class to print directly to the printer, bypassing the printer drivers.

libcurl - a libcurl library wrapper class.

ctl32 on the web:

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Craig Bailey's thoughts on life and Visual FoxPro - VFP: Ctl32 status bar on SednaX

"Just loving the ctl32 status bar and progress bar from Carlos Alloatti on SednaX.
Go to SednaX and then downloads (you need to be a member to download). Carlos has a great set of documentation available here."

Visual FoxPro: June 2006 - Letter from the Editor

"Late last year the SednaX VFP community project was announced as a A Visual FoxPro Community effort to create open source add-ons for Visual FoxPro 9.0. Today SednaX has grown considerably. Here are a few examples of projects the community has built and are functional:

  • GDI Plus X: An implementation of the .NET namespaces used for drawing with GDI+ in pure Visual FoxPro.
  • CTL32 Statusbar/Progressbar: Statusbar and progressbar classes for use in Visual FoxPro without the need for ActiveX dependencies."

Shedding Some Light - SednaX Activity Is Bubbling

"We recently added two exciting projects:
1) ctl32_statusbar headed by Carlos Alloatti
2) Code Analyst headed by Andrew MacNeill"

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"While I'm not planning on being a complete repository for all cool UI things in VFP, Carlos sent this along and it does look very cool."

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Calvin Hsia's WebLog - Why does BINDEVENT not work with StatusBar_Change?

"This code demonstrates 3 ways to change the status bar text, but only one fires the hooked event."

Carlos Alloatti